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Renovations and Additions


Making the decision to renovate part of, or your entire home is an investment in your future. It can be a daunting affair, but the benefits are worth it! Whether you're considering, changing your kitchen or bathroom perhaps adding a basement suite, or updating the exterior these changes can add to the overall value and curb appeal of your home.

Renovations can be full of surprises, stressful, disruptive and messy so you need to hire a professional to lighten your load. Hartley Homes and Consulting will manage all of the details and help you with your expectations to make sure we achieve your requirements and exceed your expectations.

When you hire Hartley Homes & Consulting to embark on this journey with you, our team of trained professionals will make your home so shiny and new you'll be wondering why you didn't contact us sooner.


If you can't bear to leave your neighbourhood but need more space in your home then it may be time to consider an addition to your existing home. There are numerous of restrictions on adding space to your home, plenty of rules to follows and lots of design considerations. If adding on to your existing home makes sense then make Hartley Homes and Consulting your first choice for additions. We can reduce the complexity of the project, help with the design, planning, construction and move-in. Hartley Homes and Consulting has been raising the standards and building better homes for over 30 years we are the go-to team for additions.

Call Hartley Homes & Consulting now to begin your adventure.