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Every building, no matter how big or small it is, starts with a frame. The frame is its skeleton, and from there the structure starts to come together until it becomes a habitable space. Because the frame is so essential to the building's success, choosing the right company to create it is not something to be taken lightly. At Hartley Homes & Consulting we have been building with 2 x 8 exterior wall construction using R-28 wall insulation since 2014. This type of wall construction delivers a more stable construction with studs 16" on centre, and the added insulation can reduce your heating costs by 20% to 30%

Hartley Homes & Consulting knows the value of doing things right, we've beefed up our flooring systems using 16" engineered floor joists with ¾" select fir T&G plywood. Our floor systems are glued and screwed eliminating bouncy and squeaky floors. We also use high heel roof trusses to accommodate more insulation at the edge of the roof line for greater energy efficiency. You can enjoy peace of mind and comfort with our exceptional construction practices and outstanding energy efficiency.