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Custom Home Builder

Hartley Homes & Consulting is a certified, licenced and registered new home builder with over 30 years of experience.

We are raising the standards building better homes.

The BC Building Code establishes the minimum standard for most aspects of construction including; foundations, foundation drainage, floor joists, wall construction and insulation. Hartley Homes & Consulting exceeds these requirements to ensure our customers enjoy the peace of mind of exceptional construction practices and reap the rewards of a lower cost of operating your home.

At Hartley Homes & Consulting , our objective is to eliminate frustration and make the entire building process easy, joyful and rewarding, we do this by using a system of best practices and controls to deliver the look and function as promised. We also believe in transparent costing of the project, no hidden charges. Our builder's fees show as a separate line item on the estimates, budgets and invoices. All trade discounts earned by Hartley Homes are passed directly to the homeowner with proof of the supplier's invoice. At Hartley Homes we prepare a "Progress Summary" comparing the budget to actual costs, this summary is presented with every invoice so you know exactly where every penny is spent.

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