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Building a home is no small project. In fact, it could be the biggest project of your lifetime. When you invest your time and money constructing the home of your dreams, you don’t just want to work with any old building company, you want to work with the area’s best, and in Penticton, that’s Hartley Homes & Consulting .

Our general contracting team specializes in home building services, and we’re always excited to take on new projects. Whether you are looking to build a multi-floor home for your growing family or a small bungalow to spend your retirement, our team has you covered.

We use nothing but the industry’s best tools and materials when helping you build your dream home and work closely alongside talented local subcontractors to make your vision a reality.

Reach us at (250) 808-1148 to discuss your dream home with our experts.

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Book a Meeting with Our Passionate Home Builders

Are you looking to invest in a new home? Hartley Homes & Consulting wants to work with you. When you contact us about home construction, we’ll schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience. We want to discuss your project with you in detail. Consulting with our clients is one of the most important parts of building a home so that all parties involved have the same understanding of the project.

During the meeting, we will discuss:

  • Your vision for your new home
  • The features you’d like to see
  • Where you’d like to build your new house
  • The approximate size of the build
  • The materials you’re interested in using
  • Whether you’ve contacted an architect
  • The timeline you’re working on
  • Your budget

Once these details are ironed out, we’ll know how to get started. If you’ve yet to contact an architect about designing your home, we’d be happy to suggest trusted specialists we’re worked for in the past. If the blueprints are completed but the location has yet to be determined, we’ll start there. Perhaps you’re halfway through the build, but you need some help finishing up? We’re happy to help you with that too!

Let us know where you’re at, and we’ll accommodate your needs as best we can.

Build Your Dream Home with Our Contractors by Your Side

Hartley Homes & Consulting experts have built dozens of dream homes in beautiful Penticton and the surrounding area. We always take the time to get to know our clients, understanding your style, your preferences, and what you truly want out of a new home. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. It will be our focus every step of the way, from answering your questions to providing updates and listening to your design preferences.

Choosing to build your custom dream home is the decision to be a lot more involved in the process than a standard build. Of course, we will have an incredibly detailed consultation process before we begin building your custom dream home. Still, you will be there throughout the entire building process to approve the way things are going and generally oversee the grand vision.

We encourage our clients to let their imaginations run wild because our job is to ground the project and ensure it can be built. We will offer advice where due and provide suggestions if we feel as though they are necessary. After building so many custom homes that have resulted in clients' utter satisfaction, we are confident that we can make your dream come true.

Build Your Dream Home with High-Quality Materials

The success of your home building project will depend on the kind of materials you use, and at Hartley Homes & Consulting , we are committed to using nothing but the very best.

Our team will be happy to introduce you to building products that are beautiful and durable, and within your budget. We will think about things like energy efficiency, stylistic longevity, and long-term reliability.

We will also oversee the building process to ensure that every brick, tile, and appliance is fitted with the utmost care.

Contact Your Friends at Hartley Homes & Consulting Today

Hartley Homes & Consulting is a design-build company specializing in the residential sector: we love working collaboratively with our clients to build custom homes from the ground up.

Envision, design, and construct every detail of your new home to fit your lifestyle and suit your tastes. Get in touch with our team at (250) 808-1148 to get started.

We cannot wait to get started on your big project. It's probably taken you a long time to get yourself to the point where you can build it, and it's an exciting time! Many of our clients have spent much more time fantasizing about their dream home than it will take to complete the project. If it's time to get started on making your dream home come to life, please contact us because we want to hear about your idea.


Premier Home Contractors

At our contracting company, we assist our clients through every stage of the design-build process with ease. We stand apart for our unique ability to translate vision to paper and blueprints to reality. From drafting preliminary sketches to procuring building permits to financing and budgeting, our home contractors are the all-around experts you can count on from start to finish.

We leverage over 30 years of industry experience and organizational know-how to streamline your construction experience from beginning to end. We're licensed, insured, and registered contractors with a niche focus in custom homes. Our method is time tested and proven, and one marked by diligence, attention to detail, and quality assurance.

Building a home from scratch is a big project, but with the right crew by your side, it doesn't have to be a big challenge. Partner with us, and we pledge to guide you seamlessly through your journey to homeownership.

Our Custom Home Design-Build Process

The defining aspect of our design-build process is your satisfaction. We don't just build custom homes—we provide a customized home building experience. Apart from ensuring that every square foot of your new residence is tailored to your preferences, boasting every must-have feature you desire, we also make sure that as your contractors, our communication is on-point, and our level of service is world-class.

Ready to get started? We invite you to schedule a no-obligation appointment with one of our lead contractors. Whether you already have a blueprint, or you'd like to see our collection of in-house floor plans, we'd love to meet with you to discuss the unique requirements of your project. Together, we'll establish your vision and gather all the pertinent information to map out an ideal construction sequence stage by stage. Allow us to be your reliable resource for product selection guidance and permit applications. No topic is off-limits during the initial consultation. We'll lend a hand wherever you need it because when we say we provide comprehensive support, we mean it.

Before we begin, we'll draft a contract to set the foundation for a strong and lasting working relationship. In it, you'll find a transparent account of the project's specifications, timeline, and payment terms. We work hard to create contracts that are fair and protect both parties involved. Discover the difference a detail-oriented contractor makes—we offer non-committal estimates upfront.

Book your consultation with us today. In the meantime, take a look at some of our previous work on our gallery page.

Your New Build Crew

It takes many hands to build a home, and our job as Penticton's established contracting firm is to ensure that every hand that plays a part in your home's construction is licensed, skilled, vetted, and trained. Over the years, we've worked hard to put together a crew of subcontractors who share our standards for superior craftsmanship. Our industry connections extend to every division of construction, from excavation to roofing to electrical. By assembling local tradespeople that are leaders in their fields, we've created the ultimate home building crew.

What's more, we're experts on local codes and by-laws. We take every precaution to maintain strict compliance with all regulatory bodies in our industry. Plus, we exceed standards on-site by maintaining a safe and accident-free working environment. As a precaution, all our workers are covered by a robust insurance policy.

Together, we've made it our mission to beautify the community we call home with superior craftsmanship. In our minds, if a home isn't built to stand the test of time, it isn't worth building. We're passionate about what we do, and we make homeowner pride our goal, day by day.

Timely Home Construction

In our field, time delays and setbacks are the norm—but not with us. We refuse to accept the status quo. We don't merely solve problems. We foresee problems before they happen and plan ahead so that they don't. Our crew is resourceful, organized, and exceptionally efficient. We pledge to fulfill the time commitments we set with you in our contract. Plus, we'll be your faithful point of contact along the way for progress updates.

We plan so much to make the building process as easy as possible. There can never be too much planning when it comes to building your dream home. We know all the right questions to ask to get the project on track, and we can help you overcome any obstacles in the way of building, such as zoning permits, etc.

Once we are on the same page about the project, the building can commence, and you'll see our team work hard to complete the project within schedule.

Go ahead, mark your calendar. Your home will be move-in ready as scheduled.

Building Homes of the Future

As contractors, we seek to add aesthetic value to our communities through attractive new builds, and we also strive to contribute to our environment with sustainable construction products and practices. Wherever we can, our company aims to reduce waste, conserve energy, and save our clients' money—interested in turning your home's blueprint green? Allow our team members to assist you in choosing the latest energy-efficient materials to minimize your carbon footprint and maximize your energy savings long-term.

Building your custom home with us has many more benefits than the many you already imagine. Not only will the inside of your home be exactly as you have always dreamed, but the outside as well. This is a way for your vision to impact the look and value of your beloved neighborhood for many years to come.

Building the homes of the future also means quality. With extensive material and product knowledge, we know how to make sure your home lasts for a long time. Not a floorboard will creak, and not a faucet will leak by the time we are done. Not only will your dream home be a reality, but a dependable one too.

Customer-Oriented Home Builders

We've grown our business with an immovable orientation toward you, the homeowner. Your satisfaction throughout the design-build process means everything to us. We seek to facilitate a rewarding and hassle-free experience for you. As part of that experience, we intend to make every interaction a positive one. When you partner with us, you can expect:

  • Prompt, friendly service
  • No-obligation, on-site consultations
  • Clear and concise contracts
  • Upfront quotes
  • Competitive pricing
  • Superior communication
  • Quick project completion times
  • Compliant workmanship
  • Safety-first on-site protocols
  • Certified and insured contractors

We have a knack for making dream homes materialize on-time and on-budget. Considering our devotion to our clients' needs, it's not hard to see why. Big things, little things, and in-between things: we give everything our wholehearted attention to ensure your wholehearted satisfaction.

How to Choose a Home Builder

Aligning your new home construction project with a home builder who has all the qualities you desire is not an easy process, but it can really make or break you in terms of your success. To that end, we’ve compiled a checklist that will make choosing the right builder easier for you. Here are the qualities you should look for:

  • A home builder who works directly with you, who responds quickly, and will provide swift answers to any questions you may have
  • A builder who invites third party inspectors to investigate all building systems and components is a must
  • A home builder with a great reputation and a history of providing exceptional service
  • Transparency is a must, as is open communication throughout the entire process
  • No corner will be cut and quality materials will be used throughout the building
  • A builder who works with certified subcontractors who are known for providing top-quality craftsmanship and meeting deadlines and budget requirements

Our building team embodies all these characteristics and more. Connect with us today to start planning your forever home.

We promise that working with us will be more exciting than it will be a stress. Building your forever home will be a massive undertaking, but we are here to help you ensure that it is not so bad. By prioritizing communication, responsibility, hard work, and hitting deadlines on time, your stress about the project will be the last thing on your mind.

Unmatched Home Builder Prices

In the past, building a custom home from the ground up was more intimidating because of the costs involved. Today, our unmatched home builder prices mean you can achieve your goals—no matter what type of budget you are working with. Keeping excellent relations with each of our suppliers allows us to reduce costs without cutting corners or sacrificing the quality materials you desire. We’d like to invite you to sit down with us to discuss your unique design ideas during a comprehensive consultation—at no obligation to you.

If you work with us to build your home, you will be totally satisfied with the results just like all our past clients. The finished home will be incredible – that much is guaranteed, but overall, you will be pleased with how much money we could save along the way. In our many years of home building experience, we have learned where it is possible to cut costs and where it is better not to.

Our experience as home builders is our best asset. In completing so many projects over the years, we know all the tricks of the trade. From the beginning of the consultation process to cutting the red tape at your grand opening, we will focus on keeping your project on budget and within its intended timeline.

Working with Hartley Homes & Consulting is your best bet if you want to build a home and keep your margins intact. We are a highly communicative team, we will keep you updated throughout the process, answering any questions you have. Speak with Penticton's unmatched home building pros if you want to get started.

Build Your Own House with Confidence

Building your own house should be a fun experience you will look back upon with fond memories. With so many years serving private residents in our beloved city and the surrounding areas, you can rest assured our team is up to date on all local building regulations, safety protocols, and permitting requirements. Our innovators will make sure you are getting exactly what you have envisioned and that all designs and construction initiatives meet the strict local building regulations that are currently in place. Give our office a call for more information on how we can streamline the permitting process for you.

Most people don’t have the entire design planned out for their dream home. It's not easy to pull a beautiful home design out of thin air, so we will be there to fill in the blanks. After building so many custom homes, we will know what you are looking for after hearing your description and completing the picture.

Transparent Home Builder Estimate Process

Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our business. We believe being completely transparent with you is the best way to achieve our shared goal of building a long-lasting and beautiful space that will retain value for many years into the future. To do this, we start with a comprehensive home builder estimate that will allow us to work within your budget to achieve a structure you will be proud to call your home. You can move forward with confidence, knowing there will never be any hidden fees or surprise charges appearing on your final bill.

To get the most accurate estimate on the project's cost, you will need to go through the consultation process with our team so we can discuss the entire project. We want to speak about the project in-depth beforehand to overcome any obstacles before we start building. We want to get all the potential problems out of the way first to come up with a more accurate picture of the price that you can move forward with. Having an accurate budget from the outset of the project will be helpful all the way through. As skilled/experienced home builders, you can depend on the estimate we give you to plan your finances around.

A Leader Among Home Builder Companies

A large portfolio of satisfied clients and a track record for delivering exceptional finished results are just two of the reasons residents choose us over other local home builder companies. Allow us to show you samples of our previous work during a consultation.

As passionate home builders who have dedicated our lives to providing incredible craftsmanship for our clients, we know that the key to success is collaboration, and for a custom home project, it is arguably the most important part. Get in touch to get started on your big project.

When you speak with us it will become immediately apparent that you have made the right decision in choosing your home building contractor. There are many home building contractors in Penticton, and to be a leader among them is something our entire team has worked toward for a long time. While looking for the right home building contractor, you will undoubtedly be doing a lot of research. You'll see that Hartley Homes & Consulting comes up a lot in doing so, whether from our sterling online reviews or from word-of-mouth testimonies. The word has gotten out that Hartley Homes & Consulting is the home builder to choose in Penticton.

Let's Get Building: Your Custom Home Awaits

Hartley Homes & Consulting is Penticton's full-service custom home builder. Partner with us and watch your vision come to fruition. With our crew at the reigns, your journey to homeownership will be characterized by unrivaled communication, unsurpassed efficiency, and unmatched attention to detail.

Schedule a risk-free consultation with us today. We can't wait to hear from you.